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A bit about me:

I've always loved painting - I find it totally absorbing and spend many happy hours in my garden studio working away and singing along to my favourite music.  I mainly work in oil or acrylic for landscape pieces and use watercolour and ink for the townscapes which I'm now focusing more time on.  I love to paint these in a quirky type of naive style and aim to capture the feel of the place rather than portray it exactly as it is in real life.  

Having been painting full-time since redundancy from my "real" job in August 2021, I feel really lucky to be able to spend time doing the thing I love.  Alongside this, I sell my paintings, prints and greetings cards at various artisan/makers markets in Bradford-on-Avon, Holt, Atworth and Steeple Ashton.  It's great to meet and chat with potential customers and I've also made lovely new friends with other regular traders

As a keen lover of the outdoors, along with my husband and our dog Charlie we're always walking around the local region and get to the coast as often as we can where the beach, the sea and the great British weather provide endless inspiration (and a very sandy dog!)

Please have a browse through this selection of my work below and I'd love to hear from you if you're interested in any pieces or would like to discuss any commissions.

LYM March 2022.jpg
PB Crete2.jpg
The Barbican  - Plymouth 25032023.jpg

The Barbican - Plymouth

Tory FINAL.jpg

Tory - Bradford-on-Avon

Fowey FINAL.jpg

Fowey in Summer

Burano FINAL.jpg
North of the Green - Steeple Ashton.jpg

Overlooking Bristol Harbour

Burano - Venice

North of the Green - Steeple Ashton

Lyme Regis

Steeple Ashton South.jpg

Steeple Ashton South

A Glimpse of Steeple Ashton 

Lyme Regis

Looking up the hill - Bradford on Avon.jpg
The Bullpit & Above BOA.jpg

Looking up the Hill - Bradford-on-Avon

The Bull Pit and Above - Bradford-on-Avon

The View from Tory - Bradford-on-Avon

Cape Cornwall Acrylic.jpg
Conkwell Woods Unframed.jpg
Church Street Steeple Ashton.jpg
Twilight Barn.jpg

Cape Cornwall

Church Street Steeple Ashton 

Conkwell Woods

Twilight Barn

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