Abstracts - all in oil paint

I love abstract painting (although I know they don't appeal to everyone and my husband is never sure which way up they should be!)

For me - it's all about the colour, the marks of the palette knife or brush and the whole feeling of the piece!

Some are calm, some peaceful and some really vibrant (which may be influenced by the music I'm listening to at the time!)

AM Scan Forest .jpg

The Forest: 200x300mm

AM Scan Rocks.jpg

The Rocks: 200x300mm

AM scan sunset.jpg
AM Scan Mist.jpg
AM Scan Storm.jpg

The Sunset: 200x300mm

The Mist: 200x300mm

The Storm: 200x300mm

Fire pic.jpg

The Fire: 500x500mm (canvas)

The sea pic.jpg

The Sea: 610x610mm (canvas)

Thunderstorm Pic.jpg
Seaspray pic.jpg

Thunderstorm: 500x500mm (canvas)

Sea Spray: 500x500mm (canvas)

Sea bird pic.jpg
Early Spring.jpg

Sea Birds: 500x500mm (canvas)

Early Spring: 440x440mm

Autumn Breeze.jpg

Autumn Breeze: 440x440mm

Autumn pic.jpg

Autumn: 610x610mm (canvas)

High Summer.jpg

High Summer: 440x440mm

Mid Winter.jpg

Mid Winter: 440x440mm