Still Life - all in oil paint

There's something very satisfying about being quite detailed occasionally instead of swooshing the paint on with great enthusiasm!


I find still life painting requires me to focus (and often hold my breath) and I can lose myself for hours in the actual process which is very enjoyable

Orange Jug Original.jpg

The Orange Jug:  610x610mm (canvas)

Still Life Cherries.jpg

Cherries:  400x300mm 

Pepper & Squash.jpg

Pepper & Squash:  200x300mm 

Still Life Green Jug.jpg
Pepper & Garlic 2.jpg

Pepper & Garlic:  200x300mm 

Green Jug & Pomegranates:  400x300mm 


Pebbles:  400x300mm 

Pebbles 2.jpg

Sally's Pebbles:  400x300mm