Animals and birds - all in oil paint

Dogs are my favourite animals (Charlie in particular), but I love all animals and painting them requires really looking at them and noticing things I may not otherwise - shapes of noses and snouts can be really detailed and the expression in the eyes is really key

Not so keen on birds to be honest (a rogue Peacock appeared in our garden once and chased me around it), but I appreciate their beauty and have just the one bird painting so far...


The Pheasant:  400x300mm 


The Donkey: 200x300mm 

Pig 13012021.jpg

The Pig: 200x300mm 

Goat 13012021.jpg

The Goat: 200x300mm 


The Sheep: 200x300mm 


The Cow: 200x300mm 

Collie 13012021.jpg

The Border Collie: 200x300mm