Landscapes and Seascapes - oil and watercolour

Some of my favourite subjects to paint!

The sea in particular is never the same - the colours and light are always changing and then when you add in the weather, I could literally paint it every day and each piece would be different!

The landscapes in and around the South West are also very varied so offer such a wide choice to try and capture in paint

Olivers Castle Roundway FINAL.jpg

Roundway Hill, Devizes : 400 x 300mm

Cherhill White Horse & Monument.jpg

Cherhill White Horse: 400 x 300mm

Looking Towards Chesil Beach.jfif

Looking Towards Chesil Beach: 400 x 300mm

Wave Original.jpg

The Wave: 400 x 300mm

Ridgeway Walk.jpg
Looking up the hill - Bradford on Avon.jpg

Ridgeway Walk: 400 x 300mm

Looking up the Hill Bradford-on-Avon:

 400 x 300mm

Durdle Door pic.jpg
Lost Pubs BOA FINAL.jpg
Lost Pubs Trowbridge FINAL.jpg

Durdle Door Beach: 300 x 400mm

Lost Pubs - Bradford: 400 x 300mm

Lost Pubs - Trowbridge: 400 x 300mm

Westbury White Horse Original.jpg

Westbury White Horse: 300 x 400mm

Bradford Bridge pic.jpg

Bradford on Avon Bridge: 300 x 400mm

St Mary's in the Moonlight.jpg

St Mary's in Moonlight: 300 x 400mm

Blind House pic.jpg

The Blind House: 300 x 200mm

Harvest pic.jpg
AMPC  Bradford Pic.jpg

Bradford on Avon: 300 x 400mm

The Harvest: 300 x 200mm

Day at Cawsand Bay.jpg

Day at Cawsand Bay: 300 x 400mm

Dorset Oak Trees.jpg
Dorset Dawn.jpg

Dorset Dawn: 300 x 400mm

Dorset Oak Trees: 300 x 400mm